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Not able to play the game at all (SOLVED)

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I can't get past this loading screen, https://gyazo.com/7d1e874cac409e1dacb37edf82ead316 The game functions normally when I run it in vanilla

The mods I have installed are.

  • Aslain's with HP Bar
  • Gun Marker Shapes -> Marker 10
  • Yet another zoom-out mod
  • kancolle Admiral commanders
  • Combat interface "Black citadel" -> v4 Chain
  • Mini map mods by autospy
  • Login screen Kancolle ED
  • More visible cruise control
  • Haruna Voice mod (its kancolle not Arp)
  • Torpedo warning - initial D - Go Beat Crazy
  • Kancolle achievements
  • Green solid borders
  • Ship skins -> Pravada team (both the skins) + tirpitz kancolle skin
  • Training room
  • Blue torpedo
  • Clear vision
  • WOWs region changer
  • Kancolle rank icon
  • Enable ability to record
  • Running lights
  • Custom battle loading screen
  • Smoke screen
  • Edit:Found the logs




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Here is a statement from Aslain in the ModPack Release notes:

"remainder: all hp bars mods for Player's Panel conflicting with all hud_lib  - don't install them together"


You have the:

Aslain's with HP Bar  AND

Combat interface "Black citadel" -> v4 Chain


Try with one or the other, but not both.







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Have you guys tried running in "safe mode"?  You can select that from the WOWS Launcher by clicking on the little arrow to the right of the "Play" button.  The uploaded video appears to show a problem larger than what the mods cause.  The Integrity check tool can be downloaded here: http://dl-support.wargaming.net/wot/ru/wgcheck/WGCheck_EN.zip


It will "complain" if you have mods installed, but it can also repair damaged files in your client without you having to download the entire game again.

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