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Test room/Training room upgrade

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Hi everyone


For new players of World of warships and for others who want to start next tech tree line grind, i think that option in Training room can be added or in can be added to the game as Test room. The main idea is to enable all players and ship collectors to test all ships that are in the game standard or premium, or for start should be enough standard ships before wasting time on new grind and wasting credits and exp on ship line that it might not suit player play style. 


The principle of Test room can be the same as Training room: to enable map exploration and testing new upgrades, fooling around etc. but in The Test room should enable to test all ships in the game despite the fact that they are not researched or bought in port. 


I think that can help everybody greatly to explore potential of all ships not just the ones they have in port that can do in Training room.



I am looking forward to this new feature in new versions of Alain's mod packs for World of Warships

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I know that. But there you can only do this with ships you have in your port. My idea is that Test room will be enable you to get insight how ships handles for ex. you are griding US battleship line and have in port New York tier five and you want to see how Montana or Iowa are on various maps before you reach them, etc. 


This would really help all the people who play and love World of Warships and want to explore ships of hight tiers before starting their grind.

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