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Smoke screen boundaries (by Taki_Tau) crashing

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Hello.  First, thank you for this great mod pack!  I'm new to the game, and this is a super-useful tool to help newbies, like myself, along.


When I first installed the pack, I'd installed a fistful of different mods.  When I launched the game, I knew something wasn't quite right almost immediately.  In the port menu, the camera was zoomed in and "crashed" into the ship I had selected at port.  The game froze and crashed when I launched. 


Easy enough fix, I uninstalled the mod pack and had to do (as you suggested) a "check system files" run, which fixed the game no problems.


I went about re-installing all the mods one at a time, until I found the culprit.  I found the culprit.  It was the Smoke screen boundaries (by Taki_Tau).  Funny enough, my dumb ass didn't read the text NEXT to the addon saying "use at own risk of crashing".


So... it didn't work for me.   Maybe when they update/patch their addon it'll be usable.  Is there any alternative addon with smoke screen boundaries?  Any input is much appreciated. 


I attached the logs, as per the reporting instructions.  But, with known issues, I suppose this is just more of a cautionary tale. 


Thanks again!  Cheers!



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0.5.9, Wargaming is adding the smoke boundaries to the game itself. :)

"We have added an option to enable the display of smokescreen edges on the surface of the water. This should help players see the real edge of the smokescreen and better plan their actions during the heat of battle."


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While it doesn't do much good in current patch, it'll be there for everyone in the next one :)

They're also giving everyone the "sixth sense" ability, which I think is nice.. then everyone is on equal terms, without having to spend a skill point there :)

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Hehe... I just noticed this thread is in the World of Tanks section... just so everyone is clear, this is about World of Warships, lol.


You'll get it refunded for free. Or moved to Basic Survivability :)


"If Situation Awareness is the only researched level 1 skill of the commander, it will be replaced with Basics of Survivability skill"

"If the commander has other level 1 skills besides Situation Awareness, they will be reimbursed the price of the Situation Awareness skill (1 point)"

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