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Guns Keep Firing As Soon As They Load A Shell

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The last micro-patch really fucked me, but I was able to remove Gnomefathers to get back into WOT. My new issue is that any time a vehicle loads a shell it auto-fires. It hasn't done it since I disabled the mods, so I have to assume it's something conflicting with the current mod pack and the effects of the micro-patch. Has anyone had anything like that in the past? Is it a known issue? Google turns up nothing and I can't find anything listed here on the forums.


Thank you for your time.

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I installed the new modpack, and had it wipe clean absolutely everything. I played two games with no issues, but then played a premium tank (TOG*II) and the issue reappeared. I really like this modpack, and will keep updating things.

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quote " Are you playing on a laptop and have your thumb on the track pad? " I also had this problem so I covered mi pad with some tissue and the covered that with some cardboard and taped it down. It works a treat.


Back to the original question, Yes I have had this issue, It's kinda like autofire. I found that if ya press ya fire button it stops the auto fire. this happened to me well b4 I started using mod packs so I'm guessing it's not a mod pack issue. I have been using the modpacks now for a while and haven't encountered any problems lately. simple solution "press fire" auto fire stops.

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