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ModPack Installer can't work

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I haven't used the installer since Today I downloaded the new one, but it lost the Aslain icon and became a blank one (as show in the uploaded image)

I try to open it, then it stuck, also the whole folder stuck

I also try right-click it, and it stuck, too

what would result in such error? or can i do anything to avoid this? thx



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I now find out that I did succeeded to launch it, but it reacts very SLOW(counted by minutes) and it still cause the whole folder stuck while launching. It had never happened like this before, but at least i made it. now Im ashame but i don't know what AV is, could you tell me and how does it affects the installer?


really appreciate your work. thx

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Hi i have the exact same probleme 

i get the probleme after the 3e use 

imposible to launch it anymore

i try to re-dowload it (it work to redowload - torrent)  but still crash explorer

i can only delete the file if i use my torrent software - impossible with Win10 explorer

its look like the software try to get acces to something that is not there anymore ore something like that


is there a way to fix it ?


 ps sorry for my bad english im french

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First, check if the file is downloaded completely or corrupted.


Then, check if the file name ends with '.exe'

To see that, in File Explorer, go to 'View' tab and select 'File Name Extensions'.

If not, rename the file's ending, type in '.exe', and select 'Yes'.


Finally, check if your Windows Defender or other Anti-virus software is blocking the modpack installer.

When you try to launch the installer for the first time, Windows may pop up a window saying it does not recognise the author of this program or something. Choose 'More Info', and select the option like 'I trust this author and wish to continue the install'.


Hope it helps.

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