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Patreon Question

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I don't think the mod pack will be any different for you/those people.

It's more regarding giving support differently and some perks on this website, I think.


I imagine something along the line of:

If you and another random person have a problem, you'd get priority with trying to fix it.

Also, Alsain will generally test the person's settings on his PC and then tell normal users that it's a local issue, if it runs fine for Alsain.

As a supporter you might get some more hints as to where the issue is.


Aslain said it a few times, that it's not his job to fix everyone's PCs, especially if he doesn't get paid for it and has so many people using his pack.

Take this with a grain of salt though. I'm just giving my 2 cents, since Aslain's internet access is very limited right now and it's supposed to go back to normal on the 20th of October.


Only so you won't be expecting a customized installer with your favorite things in it, or something in that fashion. =P

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