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Tank Carousel - Crew Incomplete/Repairs Required

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Hiya, Aslain. Just like to begin with a HUGE thanks for all the hard work you put into this modpack. :D

In the tank carousel, I have the extra information options selected, which shows win rate, number of battles, and average damage per battle on each tank's icon in the carousel.
So, I have a minor annoyance that I was hoping you'd be able to address. The text displayed when you don't have a complete crew or need repairs on your tank overlaps some of this extra information. I've included some pictures to show the issue, and a proposed solution (if possible). Thanks in advance if you're able to fix this. :)

Crew Incomplete:
post-1234-0-29067200-1413471396_thumb.jp  post-1234-0-71535500-1413471400_thumb.jp

Repairs Required:
post-1234-0-66297200-1413471405_thumb.jp  post-1234-0-40490800-1413471409_thumb.jp

PS - I have the tank icon size set to 0.8, if that matters at all.

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