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3.9.25_v1 bug?

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Hi, I'm a Asia sever player

I have using your mod for a long time, it's a good mod for me.

but now there has some problem:

1. When I playing a battle, it has some error message with loading battle, like pic.1

2. the vehicles name has missing with waiting, like pic.2

3. when I want to see more big minmap, the L.Ctrl has no useful

4. the 2 rows garage doesn't useful, like pic.3

and this all problem has become with 3.9.20 to now
there haven't problem with 3.9.19


I had reinstall WOT and hope this can be fix, but it can't


Please tell me what happen with this and how to fix them





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If you always use the same locale and it works, then nothing should have changed.


What I'm refering to is situations where you're like:

- start PC and have Asian language active > download installer and run it > get problems

- write in Asian forums or send an Email (using Asian language) > download installer and run it > get problems

And things like that.


Some people don't always pay attention to the language that's active and run the installer with a foreign keyboard layout (which has different symbols, that are written into the installed files, making the files and therefore the mods useless).


It's only an idea of what could cause multiple mods not working suddenly.

So you should just check it out and if that's not the problem, then Aslain might have to take a closer look at it.

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I think i "fixed" the problem.

elements.xc and vehicleNames.xc are the reason that causes the missing file bug.

The solution is simple.


Open both files with Notepad, delete all Chinese words(see below). Basically, i don't understand what they mean. They are meaningless in Chinese language)


I am using Win7 64bit(English version), with Chinese IME disabled.

You may try to fix the mod based on my procedure, but i don't think it is necessary to disable Chinese IME.


PS. running WOT in English and  installing mod in English. Using Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.3.9.26_93



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Please try this installer and let me know if you still have this issue https://mega.co.nz/#!Y99QTDCI!WoEeFVKU6yqNyM_o0gP3o-KPnkcY2pReJmRZhQ-Y2sc

It's OK!!

I have change WOT form Chinese to English, install that file you offer to me with English.

And it's all OK


Thank you for all your assistance.





I've change WOT form English to Chinese

And it's all work too.

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