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Language, music, crashes...

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I know it's still early...just sharing data.

NA server. Bugs:

1) Weed whore splash screen; can this be optional?
2) Techno music...what?!
3) Language - English disappeared.
4) Crashes; unplayable

Bonus: Really miss autoaim a LOT. That's the main reason I had ever installed mods. My win rate of 45% is a testament to the fact that it is NOT some "lethally effective cheat" that dominates the field; it was simply a help to those of us with slow machines. Would be nice if it was still provided with a disclaimer.

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No logs, no help :P


You selected various things which are causing 1-3 most likely. Stuff like that doesn't just happen by itself.


As for the autoaim snapping - you'll need to find it elsewhere, it's against the Fair Play Policy - why? Because WG are weird.

WG Office: Hey, lets ban autoaim snapping, but lets allow minimap showing turret direction! Good idea!.... lol.

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7 minutes ago, omgtankswtfbbq said:

Who are the devs for the aim mods?

Krzysztof_Chodak - You'll just annoy him if you, like many others, ask him to make a version which includes the now forbidden feature.



For your other issues, attach logs, if you want help and want to help Aslain track down issues.

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I guess I think of it like this:

It's "illegal" for me to install an aftermarket tune on my car; or an exhaust system with no catalytic converter; or a high flow intake without a special EPA approval.

But people still produce them, as there is still a demand. it's up to the end user to assume the risk; not the manufacturer.

I realize there are different ways of looking at it, however. For me, it was the main mod I DL'd the pack for. Really helped me out as my PC is slow and I'm usually at a disadvantage due to hardware.

Also, there is currently no way for WG to know that a player is using it.

Thx for the info. Will check for an update tomorrow, and will post a log if there are still issues!

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