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Battles and replays freeze on loading screen

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Both the battle and replays freeze on the loading screen.  Nothing from the battleLoading.xc is displayed.  I only get the background image on the loading screen for every map.  The battle never loads.


The game worked without any issue with an earlier mod pack.


I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the mod pack and playing some replays and I had basically the same issue.  Now with some replays it will show the players panels and the map, but not the battle.  Instead it shows the background image from the loading screen the entire replay of the battle.  Other replays it never shows anything other than the background image of the loading screen.






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17 hours ago, Davidinlv82 said:

I noticed the same thing about the replays, but I found a way to bypass the bug and that was to speed up the replay speed and it will return to the way it is supposed to be


That doesn't help with the actual battles not loading at all.

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