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(SOLVED) No XVM player panels or garage info or custom player nicknames since 9.17

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As said before in the chat, I cannot see player info in game or garage (colors, etc.) since 9.17 came out. I have done clean install, clear DLC cache, and reset game settings and cache with the last two or three modpack updates. None have worked in this regard.






See solution below. XVM website has un-refreshed checkboxes you need to manually un- and re-check.

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Yes, I did it the first time even though it had been only a week or so since installing. However, just before posting now I found this error in garage:


>   www.modxvm.com XVM (6963) Network services inactive. enable


When you click on that it merely takes you to this description page:  



Then I have to log in at the top, and you can see that everything is selected:  





Wow, %#* that $(*#. This looks like a bug with the XVM website.


On the basis that radio/check buttons often don't send a command until you click them, and were just showing old settings, I unchecked the "XVM services" checkboxes and then re-checked them, and disconnected and re-connected to an NA server. Unbelievably, the error message doesn't show in-game now. Unreal.



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3 minutes ago, Quaksen said:

Hmm :( and you probably made sure that the game was closed when you clicked activate, and then launched the game.

Someone else had a similar issue with the network services inactive, and not sure they figured it out..


Well, maybe you could post in that thread about it.

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