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customizable smoke-duration-counter

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Is there any chance of getting a fully customizable smoke duration counter?

I binded nearly all consumables to completely different keys.

So for me, neither the qwerty nor the qwertz version works.


Or does anybody know how i can do this myself and which file

do i have to edit for this?

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm taking a break from WoWS anyway, so i think i can wait it out.


The reason is the RPF commander skill

What were they thinking, when they implemented this ****?!
Now the static gameplay will be even more static.

Hail to the mighty camper god  -.-

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I understand right : u will only edit your keys for R T Z Y U  for the smoke etc ?  You can edit it in the Main.py..there are the keybindings. Open it with an editor and change the keys. I done it too because i have it on my mousebuttons and when i start smoke with mousebuttons the counter not work...so i edit it and tell him the mousebuttons and then it works fine for me.

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There are two separate smoke counter mods in the pack.

Which one do you have?


If you got the one by MasaruKondera, please read the description.



My Post from Sunday was about the other one (Alt Hud).

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