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Mods causing Problems with converting experience?

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Over the last 2 days I have tried to convert experience on my Ikv103 to unlock the Ikv65 tier 6 TD.  I click on the Tier 6 TD which brought up the conversion window and I hit the convert button. I paid

 238 gold for 8330 XP.  I never received the XP and the gold was deducted from my account.  I submitted a ticket to wargaming and they said it was my mods that were causing the problem.   Told me to uninstall all mods and even do a clean install of WOT.   They also said the XP was applied to my Rhm-B.


I think its bullshit.


Has anyone else had this problem or is it a Wargaming issue.


I have attached screenshots of the purchase.




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See that little lock next to the "Convert" text? Yeah.. that one.. click it ;)


It's an XVM feature, that you selected to install with the modpack.. and at some point, you clicked it, thus locking your Free XP, so you couldn't accidentally use it. Same goes for the gold, yours is still unlocked for the gold, as is the default.


The gold you spent to convert xp into free xp, added the free xp to your pool - but as it's locked, you didn't spend it. (You had enough free xp prior to spending the gold - but the free xp was locked)

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8 hours ago, Perry333 said:

It didn't help me, still not getting XP for my premier and elite tanks was told the same thing MODS

Depends on what you mean, by not getting xp for your premium and elite tanks....


If you enabled "Accelerate Crew Training" on them, all xp earned on them goes to the crew, and you don't store up xp that you can convert to free xp using gold. :)

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