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Issue with Over Target Markers

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So everything works fine until I go into a clan wars match. I can't see anything other than the vehicle class icon, not even the hp bar which is the only thing I care about. The only thing I could think would be causing an issue is the OTM I'm using but it's the one made by Aslain. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot yesterday and I'd rather not try it again with this issue.

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I don't think it was outdated. I downloaded the modpack on 1/19/2017 Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. Have had the issue since then just wasn't a glaring issue till yesterday when we might have won if I targeted the lowest hp tank. I always do a clean install, remove contents of DLC cache, and the reset game settings. I just downloaded and installed the latest modpack and will try again today I guess to see if the issue still there.

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