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Various Mods from 6.1.1 not working after update

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Hi Aslain I understand that you are busy and thanks for your hard work getting the various mods working.


I've noticed that the following mods don't seem to function in game (even after a clean install of the mod pack)


Navigator (Ship Direction Indicator with Smoke Counter)

Blueman's Detection Mod

Minimap with Ship Names

Panel by Autospy



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At the time of your posting, Dazzleship, EU isn't on 6.1.1 :) So you used wrong modpack version :)


We get the patch in a few hours. Mulligey is on 6.1.1 though, being on NA servers. (For whatever reason, NA gets the patch the day before EU... in WoT, it's totally different, hehe)

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The modpack version is for the game version... v6.1.1 for example. When you downloaded, and complained :P you downloaded the v6.1.1, when your game version was something else (v6.1.0)


The picture you just showed, doesn't really help anything.. since the old download is now gone, and EU is updated. So NA/EU are on same version.


The mirrors aren't linked to the game version. The mirrors are location based.. shrugs :)

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