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XVM Middle windows/ Flags

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Hy guys again,



The patch is really perfect but i missing onw thing. The option  with the names and the countryflags (player panel - middle box) is included BUT  (there is no MB for the install) and it don't works in the game. (there are no flags).. when i click the special option "show flags" then it works BUT the problem is, that u dont see the number of shoots because the flags are at the same position.


so maybe u can help me again and sorry for my bad school englisch.... ist a alooooooong time ago


thx a lot


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Hi there,


okay fine thx..... and yes i looked very exaxtly ;)  maybe it works better with the last option "activate client flags"  ??? I try it but the probleme there is, that the position of the flags are at the same position of the Kills. So u cant see really how many kills u have.


But thx for this great work and i hope u will make this when there is time..


thx a lot !

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