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minor lags or FPS drop after enemy tank got spotted

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Since last couple of patches, i am having this weird problem that whenever an enemy tank is spotted let say when i peak around a corner or in my light tank trying to do the initial scouting run, my game client stutters, like sudden FPS drop or lag spike for half to one second. And this problem got me into trouble many time. i have googled the same problem and apparently many people are having the same problem. Most of them identify it as the problem with XVM and some say it is a problem with HDD as it needs to be defragmented. i am wondering if you someone else is also having the same problem and know a solid solution for this problem. I have intel i5 4430 3GHz, with 8 GB RAM and 2 GB redeon graphic card. 

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I'm pretty sure the issue is more the World of Tanks client itself.

They recently changed it so tanks get spotted faster, and that's bound to cause heavier load when the initial spot is done. Makes total sense to me that that would be the issue at hand.

It happens like that on really fast computers too, those with SSD, and what not.

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