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Client keeps Crashing/locking up

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WG Staff or Support? Support I guess, they are clueless bunch of people. Always have monkey alike resolutions, this is one of them.


On the other hand random crashing is probably impossible to diagnose remotely, you have to remove mods one by one, and at some point you may stop to crash, that's if the problem is in mods, because mods are not always the problem.


I didnt find anything exceptional in recent logs in python.

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17 hours ago, StrikeFigher said:

My client either crashes to the desktop or just freezes. WoT staff haven't been any help, "you are running Mods, please remove and contact us later"


This has become very frustrating, can you be of help?



I so know the feeling as I have been dealing with the same problem for a few modpack updates and it's incredibly frustrating when you are playing and load into a map (in my case 2 specific maps) and cannot play at all till the round is over as the game keeps crashing on the map

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