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Wn8, 2 digit version, is this percentile?

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There exists a 2 digit version of the wn8 numbers, in my logic this would be the percentile (think a normal distribution curve with a 95 percentile for instance), is this true, if so, it seems more interesting than what I first thought.


Say you have 2500 wn8, and 95% of players with (at least 10k battles? is that the basis on the wn8? I don't remember) have less than 2500 wn8, your 2 digit wn8 would be 95. Am I thinking right?


I can't access the wn8 wiki (http://wiki.wnefficiency.net/pages/WN8) since I get timeout when trying to. If there is somewhere else where this is explained, please help :)

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