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Just wondering, sure it's a bad timing topic as we are all aware as to the "New" traffic to Aslains WoT mod pack, I was a long time user of Odem Mortis until they decided to stop the mod packs due to WoT excessive patches...I was wondering since the demise of OM and some of their long time mods don't appear on the already long lists of options, if there will be anymore add on's ? RELHAX voice pack in particular, the uncensored version of coarse. Some of the "Battle sound" packs with engine, radio, guns, etc...


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Cannot start OMC modpack anymore to check their old content. If you find some sound mods please link them to me and I will consider adding them to the modpack. I'm also scanning the internet and adding cool sound mods when I find them, so it's matter of source and availability really.

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Not sure if this helps or not, never tried it as I haven't really been playing as much as I was in the past. Summer in Canada only lasts so long before the white stuff flies.


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