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WoT mod pack feedback. 9.18.0 #06

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The check boxes are boxes and circles.   It just seems to be box, circle, box,circle,  alternating.  Maybe use boxes if there are sub-options, and circles if no sub-options.  Or circles if it over rids another option, no matter where it is.


Some boxes use a checkmark, and some are filled in.  Circles use a dot.  This seems inconsistent and meaningless or just for looks.  Not sure what to do, but at least use checkmarks or filled in boxes, but not both without reason.  The blue checkmark is nice and does stand out though.


  • ability to preview mods without losing selected checkboxes
  • to select a mod, you have to click on checkbox instead of the whole line


I like this change, as you pointed out, you can preview mods without losing your selection.  BTW, why isn't the preview checkbox selected by default.  Do most not want to see them?


  • new mods and options will be marked with bold font style

This is another nice change.


I wish there was a simple search that would just highlight all occurrences of a match.  So if I type "damage" it will highlight in yellow all words with damage in them.  Then I could just scroll up or down to find things like damage panels.


And I wish there was an option to sort (not filter) the XVM garage by tier.  I know I can do it in XVM, but I got tired of doing it every time I updated your mod pack.  And I never got your file over ride option working.

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