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Disable death marker (fps drop)

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(Sorry for my English.)


Hey Mister!


So, I'm using your OTM, I love it, and I really dont want any other. But... I'm getting a little FPS drop (like 56 from 60, but it's noticeable with screen freezing) every time someone dies in my drawing range. I'm 99% sure that it's the destroyed vehicles marker. It's pretty consistent, and I tried to install everything else without OTM and it was fine in this case. Also tried different "floating markers" (and different "style of texts"), neither worked properly for me (fps drop again, when a teammate or enemy dies). And I tried to uncheck the section completely but I still got some death marker... well, floating. :) I can't remove it.


If you ever have the time for make an option to disable that thing completely, please do it! 


Don't even need to respond, I'm checking the updates log every day, so I'm gonna notice for sure! 


Have a nice one! And as always, thank you!

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I just installed the new version after I wrote the request (with pyton log delete checked), but I logged in and I played one game. I made a log thingy after that (attached). 


Here is a pic too. (I selected the "tank name" death marker, I thought that it's the most simple, but doesn't matter.)




And the replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3536308?secret=67a51bb8977e4bc612ebd47102a2af87

Maybe its helpful. Probably not :).


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note: before I tested it without OTM I also tried disable any special effect (it's on low now) or explosion, but that didnt help either. If someone died, same thing. Only not happened without OTM mod. Although, I only tried with yours and with the native marker, nothing else.

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14 minutes ago, Aslain said:

When you uncheck whole section you will get default version of my xvm, better pick proper option, that has no wings etc.


Yeah, but what option?

Can I use your OTM class icon, rating marker icon, vehicle name colored etc. without the floating destroyed vehicle marker? Or I have to choose between 2 bad things? :( FPS drops or no OTM by Aslain for me?


That was my point, I want to use your good looking stuff, but I tried to disable the floating death marker because of the FPS drop. 



If you ever have the time for make an option to disable that thing completely, please do it! 



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Try to select marked option, see how it works for you:


Not so great. Not sure, but probably on the same level not good.


But hey! Thanks for your time. Like I said, if you ever put in more options, I'll use it. Otherwise, it's my "not so gamingPC" problem.

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