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meltymaps not counting down correctly or displaying clip size

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Since 9.4 melty maps math mod has not been counting down correctly.  it tends to freeze and will never finish.  always ending at 1 and never showing your what your current reload time is.  it also is not showing you how many rounds you have in your clip for auto loaders.  I have done the clean install as requested and provided the two files.



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so 4.12 seems to have fixed the count down timer for the gun, but there is still a problem with the chambered rounds.  it only shows 2 of the 4 rounds in my t69 with the 90mm gun.  not sure if this has something in common with this or a different bug all together, but now when I die the game zooms out as far as it can go.


From the FTR:


- apparently, there is also a bug, where the reload timer is not working correctly (either with or without mods) on some tanks, the T54E1 in particular. Storm knows about it now.


Maybe this is related somehow.

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