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game hanging on "Updating interface"

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Since updating to 4.0.12 (version 13 oesnt work either), everytime I log into the game client, my garage will load fine, but then the loading overlay will hang almost indefinitely with the message "updating crew" or "updatinge interface". I have tried bothreinstalling the base game and the modpack with clean install and the both "remove content" check boxes checked. I am jkind of lost at this point. Any help would be appreciated, thanks



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I have narrowed it down to Crew EXP extended, the other 2 mods Aslain listed are installed now and everything works fine. I am not sure if anyone else with crew exp extended has this problem, but this is what is causing my above issue.

Thank you again Aslain, much appreciated

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I am having same problems also. I unlocked t28 proto in garage, then had the spinning wheel with updating garage. After 1 min i restarted game couldnt get into game stuck on "updating interface" with spinning wheel.

I downloaded fresh copy of game installed your mod pack and same again.

I tried other mod pack and i  was able to get into game. Tried yours again and same issues.


i use adu but turned it off on mod pack and 

My wild guess:

- Replays Manager 

- Crew Exp Extended

- No fog (maximum visibility) by Artasan

all turned off also.


Will update if i find something.

I think you really do a fantastic job with mods and wanted to pass on my thanks  :)

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