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TSFH Music Mod plays two tracks simultaneously in battle

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Same Problem here.


Login Video disabled. Music Fine.


Hangar is the Hang Man pack. Here also every Music is fine. No matter the Hangar.


Only in Battle is the problem. The Countdown Music doesn´t Stop after the count reaches Zero and than there is always 2 or even three Music tracks been played.


I´ve already reinstalled the mod and I cleaned the folder completely. Yet still the same problems.


To me it seems that the installer doesn´t completely removes the previos version of the TSH Music.


Log Files added.


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Hi, I also have the same problem. The song from loadingscreen continues after batle start and plays two tracks at once as batle song is different.


I have tried to reinstall and also clearing download cache.


I also have loginvideo enabled, but this runs smotley. I have premium account.


Also after full reinstall today i have no music at all, only original music in batle loading

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12 hours ago, Aslain said:

At login screen do you have login video disabled or not?


What hangar do you have premium, non-premium, event?


Edit: I've made small change, reinstall all mods, and check to clean up DLC folder.


OP here, sorry for delay. Login video disabled, premium hangar.


Thanks for the fix up, @Aslain

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