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6.8.0 #00 and #01 unpacking issues!

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So noticed a strange thing... There is a GUI inside the GUI.... :(
This caused a lot of my problems and still do unless I edit things.
This was present in 00 and 01, can you fix this mistake @Aslain?
Also there is some issue with the advanced battle screen, unable to enter the battle beyond the start button.

 Directory of H:\Spill\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\gui

20.07.2017  22:27    <DIR>          .
20.07.2017  22:27    <DIR>          ..
20.07.2017  22:27    <DIR>          achievements
20.07.2017  22:27    <DIR>          alert_indicators
20.07.2017  22:27            20 856 battle_elements.xml
20.07.2017  22:27            37 866 battle_layout.xml
20.07.2017  22:27    <DIR>          cursors
20.07.2017  22:27    <DIR>          flash
20.07.2017  22:27    <DIR>          gui



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