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Reticle freezing

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Installed 4.0.16_94 and now randomly but in every game the aiming reticle will get stuck and will refuse to move.  At the same time the POV locks and you can not zoom out and see your tank.  Sticks in sniper mode and will not change to 3rd person mode.  When you go back to the garage the reticle is still displayed. 


I used the "Clean install" function when I upgraded from to 4.0.16_94.  Did not have this problem with




Camera scripts (P_MOD) [settings]
            Zoom settings
               30x (10 steps, 0.9-30)
               Zoom-out (extends default zoom out range)
               Enable Default zoom x2 (unchecking = remember last sniper zoom)
               Disable gun shake effect after shot
               Scope Shadow Remover


Custom crosshairs
               Team Roughneck's Gunsights v4b


Update: Reinstalled with the same settings and no problems.



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