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Game has been ok for a while with no weird things happening. this last week I have had numerous crashes which sometimes requires me to reboot to get out of it. If i run in safe mode all is fine .. run the mod and it crashes at random moments either in game or when loading .. the game does not crash if in the garage though. Now today I had the game freeze .. I held CNTRL+ALT+DELETE to bring up task master to close the game and their are two events of WOT running at the same time?? One is drawing a whole heap of system resources while the other is drawing just a little .. what's the cause? 

I have tried in the past to shut down the mod bit by bit to see if anything is causing a conflict and I ended up with no mods running at all .. but game still crashes .. 

Also, and probably not the best time to add more problems, but does anybody know if I can run two accounts from the same system?


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I must also add that I am up to date with mods versions, WOT updates etc .. I also use the "delete logs, caches and mods" when I update as well .. 

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have u tried deleting wot  appdata ? and uninstall the modpack and delete any folder that r left over in the wot folder  



if u follow that u can delete everything in that folder  sometimes  theres xvm  leftovers there   delete that also ,  note this  puts all yer game settings to default .

once all folders with xvm and aslains mudpack r delete redownload the mudpack and run the installer again. 

this fixed my crashing


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