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Six sense sound - problem with the first time go on

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Hallo Aslain,


I would like to ask you for help with six sense sound. I choose the second timer for sound. I activated this in game, but always I run the game and six sense is activated the games froze for some time and than the six sense wil start on and the game crashed. After this and new login to game, all is working correctly. So I go to setting of the game and try to play this sound in garage, after a few seconds the game shows connecton to server was lost and log me off. After this, I only log on and all is working till fully closing the game.  So it looks, that there is a problem with loading the sound.

Yesterday evening I uninstall WoT and make new instalation of game and mods, but the game is still crashing with the first activation of this sound.


The sound is in folder: World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\audioww the name of the file is: sixthSense.mp3


So can you please  check and let me know, where the problam can be?


Thank you very much.




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