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View Range at bottom of screen?

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View range was displayed at bottom of screen next to mini map.

It was introduces in Aslain pack for WoT 0.9.4, it was not present in 0.9.3.

It was present for about 15 versions 4.0.0 to 4.0.15 and then removed.

I don't know was it separate mod or same config for xvm.

Please investigate and put it in again :)




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I found that when I installed a seperate mod (Locastans_HD_Minimaps_MOD_and_Config_094__v2_by_Artasan) It brought the view range back at bottom of screen, although it was malfunctioning as there was some code displayed and then the actual veiw range.  I think the code that was displayed was the "colour code/yellow" for the colour display of the view range.


I have decided not to bother leaving the seperate (Locastans_HD_Minimaps_MOD_and_Config_094__v2_by_Artasan) mod installed as there obviously is some conflict somewhere along the line.  I,m sure others might have more luck though.




Hi Aslain, I am not actually sure if this was in your mod pack (definitely not in the mod choice section)  Basically it was some yellow text at very bottom of screen in yellow, showing your actual tanks view range and thats all it did, but I found it very useful and unobtrusive.

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