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Anyone get's critical error with engine_config?

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Tried new config file and from previous update... YET I get critical error and freezes my game after 10 sec or 2 minutes while in port..
Removing the file.... I can play 4 games with no issue.
I'm using DX11 and wasn't a problem in
Anyone know why this is happening?

FYI removed all mods, reinstalled them, deleted preferences, used Integrity Check.

wows crash.png


Have just runned basic stuff like crosshair, angle and gun marker. Seems to be working so far.
Some of the mods in previous install (in the zip) is making the error.
Either bad modded script or some other mods causing it.

@Aslain Dont know what's causing this issue.. But using some of Hakabase's modpack doesn't create this issue.

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