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Unable to see X mod on mini-map

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Hi there,


For some reason, I can't see the X on the mini-map for my aiming.


I followed everything by the book per your, "how to".


Deleted Aslains modpack via Windows.

Ran the "check registry" (old installer)


Everything looked clean in the res_mods folder. I installed v. again and still no joy.


I have enclosed the logs file per instructions.


This video shows the issue, list of the mods that I'm using, and the modpack build. Sound doesn't play until I click on the WOWS window in that recording, so be prepared that you don't have your speakers turned up thinking there's no sound.



Hope you are feeling better, and thanks!


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59 minutes ago, Quaksen said:

Tested your exact setup (minus the external program you have selected)

I see the X.


Try holding down CTRL while in battle - click the gear icon above the minimap - is "Firing Range" checked?


Yes, I have that one checked. I actually  have them all checked during this test.




That crossed my mind as well, maybe there was something on or off on that menu.


The video I posted above I went through clicking each one individually to test, but it didn't seem to help.


Pretty weird.:ohmy:



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Yeah, if he has a few to look at it, I'd appreciate it.


I don't want him to spend too much time on it if I'm the only one though.


I did another uninstall via Windows, and ran the integrity check via (old) updater.


I "only" turned on the two I always use under mini-map and still no joy. :(


In battle, I clicked everything off one by one under the cog menu above the mini map.

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