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Is there a "New Recruit" thread?

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Hello everyone!  


I am new here, and new to the Mod.  Just about to go install it.  


I just wanted to take a second and say hello and introduce myself.   I am a 38 year old, with two kids and a girlfriend. I live in New York State, USA.  I have been playing World of Tanks since about 2011 and i STILL suck at it.    I was a previous user of OMC Mod Pack, and have gone with no mods at all since it closed u shop.  I had it on good word from a few friends that this was even better and more user friendly so I figured I would give it a shot.  


Currently my favorite tank lines are probably the German and American heavies and <gulp>  ... Arty...   sorry.   LoL 


Anyways,  what a great looking page you all have here. Very inviting and very user friendly from what I can see.  


Have a good one everyone, and hope to see you around!! 





(I looked around, and could not find a "New Members" or "New Recruits" thread.   If I am posting this incorrectly, Please, by all means either delete or reposition it.)  ((Thanks in Advance)). 



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