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Anyone having issues with AutoSpy sidepanels?

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Mine are not showing up. Not having any issues with gameplay or stability,  but the standard sidepanels are showing up instead of the modded one.  


Started out this version by somehow selecting Panzerschiffer contour icons and they were what i had the first game.  Exited WOWs and selected Hakabase, still not the right ones so i exited again and this time opened modpack with preview images so i could find the one i normally use.  Now when I tried no contour icon selection and the autospy player panel mod, i got standard sidepanel instead.  Ill try MR v6 icons since the detection range info is really what i am after.


edit:  MR v6 does work with the information i want right there in game.  I just don't like the layout as much.

edited again: added logs but since i changed which options i was running several times, I didn't think they would be helpful.  sorry for the oversight.


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added logs
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