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I am trying to replace Thea Kreutzer voice with a standard English captain voice.  I found basic info on how to do it, but they all say to go to the Res/Banks folder.  I don't have a res/banks folder.  I have the unpacker.  Maybe I am misunderstanding something.  I just can't deal with that anime voice any longer.  I got this captain to 19 points so I can't sideline her.  

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It's probably an older guide you've found. - And those I've found, looks like A LOT of work - so I did the following instead, to save myself a lot of trouble:


What I did, was removing two files from the "\World of Warships\res_packages\" folder.

  • sound_mods_official.idx
  • sound_mods_official_0001.pkg

That'll get rid of all the ARP voices, HSF voices, and Steven Seagal.

And it'll then use the voiceover choice YOU picked in the WoWs settings menu ingame. :)

(I got all ships talking as the Pirate voice. Jon St. John ftw (the voice actor that did Duke Nukem) :P

(Note on removing those two files... when the game updates.. it might recreate the idx file, which will cause the game to crash if you don't remember to remove it again, since it'll be missing the pkg file that accompanies it.. minor thing.. but it's the easiest way I found to get rid of the anime voices - downside is Steven Seagal goes with it..)

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