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Gun reload sounds still not working

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I also have no gun reload sounds, and I have never had engine sounds installed.  However, this is with the 03 update.  I am presently upgrading to 05 (the latest) and there are no reload sounds in the installer, but Sixth Sense and crew sounds play just fine in the installer.  This makes me suspect that the "sound" will also be silent in game.  I will update shortly and let you know.

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13 hours ago, Davidinlv82 said:

Since when did this become a conflict? And Is this going to be fixed? Worked great together pre  9.20.1 update

Looks like it's since, my reload up sounds are fine (it's just a simple sound bank which I updated to latest wwise, which is loaded by XVM), so I guess the problem lays in changes in the game, XVM nor engine sounds mods.

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