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Some help with a new install

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So I just recently installed a bunch of stuff from Aslains modpack, and for the most part I think I've got it how I want.


However, there are a few issues I have. One is that the event log seems to be... height inverted? If I have it set to all show up at the bottom in the games settings, it instead shows up at the top. If I set it to show damage at the top and all else at the bottom, then it instead starts showing the damage on bottom and everything remains on top.

The other thing is that, using the largest panel size (which is also what you see when you mouse over it using Ctrl) shortens the player names and replaces the tank names with --k --% --%


Does anyone know how to restore the event log to it's vanilla position and how to fix the largest panel size?




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That may be the issue, since I specifically deactivated them since I don't want player stats, or at least not at the cost of player and tank names. Just in case, though, I got the log.


Also, any hint's to what I can change to return the event log to it's rightful position at the bottom of the screen. Both of my issues are probably just accidentally including something that I didn't want.

Just for clarification, I mean no stats, no relocation, no nothing. I want the large player panel and event log to be as they are in vanilla, unmodded WoT.


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