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Instalation issue - remember previous setting

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Hallo all,


I would like to ask you if you have similar problem. If I install each new modpack, I allways should remark the item Show results of previous battle. This item is always unselected even if I use this choice each time.


Does anyone have this issue too? Do you have any idea how to solve this?


The second item is automatical returning the crew. Same issue as above.


Thank for support and ideas.


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  • Administrator

I don't know what you are installing, you didn't post logs which is mandatory, therefore I have to guess.


You are installing Yasenkrasen or Tomonik, which already has something like "Display results from previous battle", that's why the installer is preventing to install both and unchecking it from the list.


You are instaling XVM which already comes with Auto Return Crew, the installer is preventing to install both and unchecking it from the list.

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  • Administrator

Yup, when you install XVM you are automaticaly getting that checkbox in hangar for Auto Return Crew, and when you install YK or Tomonik you should automaticaly get last battle results (specific to YK or Tomonik - the style might be vary).


That options you are checking are more for people who don't like to install those specific session stats or XVM.

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