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  1. bad gateway

    It is very strange because the first time i used the new MOD pack i had no problems. But i wanted to chance something in the mod pack . And now got the ERROR BAD GATEWAY 503
  2. Add clan icon

    the clan name = [103VK] 103 recon (((VerKenning batajon)) its a real tank unit from the Dutch army. fast moving tank unit to locate enemies
  3. sounds of incoming /warning torpedoes

    Hi dear Aslain, i really missing the mod of the warning sounds of incoming torpedoes , it really did help me to react on it!! And turn my ship to AVOID a hit from torps. Are they coming Back in the MOD PACK for WoWs ???
  4. Add clan icon

    sorry a bit big picture of our clan ICON
  5. HI ASLAIN i got a problem . The Game dont work anymore keeps stuck at load screen and i cant do anything Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. Afther a virus scan my compu removed 1 MOD because its infected by a VIRUS TROJAN HORSE!! it found it in the MOD.>>>DEATH WHITE TRACKS<<< Sorry the files are in Dutch but it show the VIRUS TROJAN.Gen.NPE.2 and when i look for locoction its found in the MOD----- Death white tracks -----
  7. SNIPER mode for ARTY

    HI and greathings. A few years ago at the Aslain modpack there was a mod where you could go in sniper aming with a ARTY!! So if you where spotted from close by tank you could go in sniper mode(just like a tank) to aim at the the enemy tank close to your arty. It was pretty good and you had a better chance to defend your arty against close by tanks. The MOD got removed think there was a problem with the maker of the of the MOD. BUT i know now from friends there= AGAIN a snipper mode for ARTY at some other modpacks then Aslain. My question = it possibel for Aslain modpack to bring BACK this option (sniper mode) for ARTY's back in the Aslain Modpack.??? It really would help with close combat for arty's at the gameplay!! with best regards Edward beijdorff/ Dutchy
  8. Well i got another problem with auto aim !!! It dont work anymore!!!!! I cant LOCK ON a target anymore????? A few modpacks ago (older version) it did work perfect but now cant lock anymore , and it also DONT help with AUTO aming anymore !!!????
  9. No HUD with latest modpack (#01)

    Mod pack did not work on my compu totally no fps left and cant see anything on battle field game just crashed in a white dot
  10. there is a new update version

    A new version of the game now(update) , i just did log in and mod pack not working anymore
  11. 9.17 Ingame Battle screen is blank

    it works now but removed everything except garage and mini map mods, pitty because really want the in fight adds
  12. 9.17 Ingame Battle screen is blank

    same problem here also nothing works when i start a battle did won but did not even know who was enemy or friend lol did run virus scanner say everything is OK
  13. 9.17 mod contain a virus ?

    instaled modpack now nothing shows at the game , cant see tank names/ no mini map well NOTHING WORKS only garage mods work but everything in battle DONT work
  14. 502 gateway error

    Also had the message : BAD gateway and did ignore it. BUT now XVM settings DONT work anymore
  15. Error:  ScriptLoader

    yes i get the same error report when i log in the game, removed all sound Mods BUT i dont help