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  1. There is no expiration listed anywhere on the NA server web page or premium shop page. That's the difference and it is what has the NA server players upset. Selling something with no expiration date, then adding an expiration date after the sale not only makes Wargaming look bad, its illegal. I purchased a tank bundle in July with the x5 XP missions and they stopped working August 20th. There was no expiration date listed in game or on the web page or in the premium shop. The reason I purchased the bundle is for crew training so I could turn on accelerated crew training and train new crews.
  2. On the NA server there is no expiration listed except for the berlin quartet and a few other specific tanks. THere is no expiration date on the premium shop pages or on the WoT web page announcing the sale. I took screenshots to show there was no expiration date listed.
  3. The big issue is there was never an expiration date listed on those missions. It appears that Wargaming NA added an expiration date to some missions recently with the last micropatch. There is now an expiration date showing up for the Berlin tanks that were available for purchase about a month ago and some more recently available premium tanks. Its been suggested to me and other players that play on the NA server to contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint for online shopping/internet fraud against Wargaming NA.
  4. Wargaming began offering x5 XP missions in bundles for the NA server within the past year. However there was a bug with the system. If you bought a tank or tank bundle with x5 XP missions included then bought another tank or tank bundle with x5 XP missions at a later date, the new purchase invalidated any previous x5 XP mission you had, even if it was only a week or two between purchases. There was never an expiration date for the x5 XP mission listed on the web page about the bundle, on the premium shop bundle page, or in the game under missions. After players started complaining about the issue, Wargaming North America started saying there is an 80 day after purchase expiration date on the missions. However, there was never an expiration date for the x5 XP mission listed on the web page about the bundle, on the premium shop bundle page, or in the game under missions. For me, the missions stopped working 6 or 7 weeks after the purchase of a bundle according to Wargaming support. Support told me that the issue will be fixed in a future patch. However they can't say when the issue will be fixed. Many players bought bundles for the x5 XP missions either for getting free XP or for crew training. Now we can't use the missions and Wargaming is telling some players the missions expired and telling others that its broken and there is no estimated date on when they will be fixed. I'd suggest not purchasing any bundle with x5 XP until the issue is fixed.
  5. How to report a bug or issue.
  6. OTM Missing letters

    I had issues with both.
  7. OTM Missing letters

    Replacing"Calibri" with ""$FieldFont"" under player name in the markersAliveExtended.xc and markersAliveNormal.xc config files fixed the issue for me.
  8. WHen I last reinstalled the modpack, my download speeds were in the 250-300 KB/s range instead of the 29-30 KB/s range. Its a big improvement.
  9. Downloading Clan Icons

    You can manually add clan icons to this folder: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons You select the subfolder for your server then select the clan folder and put the icon there.
  10. I reinstalled the modpack today now that the week of Clan Cup tournaments is over. I added a few different mods the install. The DLC server has been going at a pace of 29 KB/s. The install is going to take 45 minutes to 60 minutes due to this slow download speed. Is the server overloaded or is there another issue? I don't remember the downloads going that slow before. My download speed test results are around 125 Mbps. I wanted to rule out my connection, so I tried two download speed test on a server in Europe and received a result of 117 Kbps and 138 Kbps.
  11. It looks like that file fixed the issue.
  12. It looks like reinstalling without gun sounds Zorgane fixed the issue. I haven't had a problem with that mod in earlier versions of WoT. This was the first time it gave me a problem.
  13. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling without using the mod that shows climbing routes. Its one of the few mods I haven't used before. I still have the same issue. python.log
  14. When the battle is loading, the game crashes. I had to uninstall mods to get into battle. I could play on Sand River. The Arctic Region (mannerheim_line)map crashed. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  15. WN8 - Modpack

    WN9 keeps getting delayed. Wargaming made WN9 difficult to implement when they did the changes to the light tanks and did not change the tank IDs when the tiers of the tanks changed. The current WN8 values from Wotlabs are being used until a less labor intensive method develops to update them. The current method is labor intensive and is done by people who volunteer their time. The people at Wotlabs are looking into a way to pull data form the servers and auto generate expected values in a less labor intensive fashion. The current WN8 values from Wotlabs are a general placeholder that goes by tier and tank type and is less specific to the individual tanks. That's why some sites are not using the Wotlabs values. Noobmeter gives me a 2172 recent WN8 Wotlabs gives me a 1934 recent WN8 Both sites use different expected values.