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  2. I tried this and still the same sound. I changed the garage to the old style garage mod and that seamed to help.
  3. I have now tried a lot and 9500 seems to work reliably for me. So for safety's sake I'll take 10,000. Will you take over the value or should I take over the file in my custom settings in the custom mods folder? The values of my computer are not that bad, but apart from the graphics card it is 9 years old. I think if you buy a computer with the same values today it would still be a lot better. :) Intel Core i7 3.2 Ghz 24 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 WoT is installed on an SSD Should actually run with it. Or why is it that the delay has to be so high for me? Or did you just set it too low? I will write Oldskool regarding MoE Thank you very much =)
  4. Witam. Mam pytanie odnośnie tego Moda a mianowicie: Jak ustawić - ściszyć / podgłośnić ? W ustawieniach dźwięku gry nie da rady - ścisza / podgłaśnia się wszelkie powiadomienia ( głos dowódcy czołgu, efekty otoczenia itd. ) Proszę o pomoc. Z góry dziękuję i pozdrawiam.
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  6. Must be something on your computer/network. Loaded up same mods and no problem at all.
  7. Klan [PHAAN] poszukuje aktywnych graczy do grania Twierdz ; CW oraz Natarć. Wymagania : 900wn8,wiek 15+, Discord ,Tier X. Pisać w grze do: Dragones12_Smok_2016 _KENSEJ_ robotowiec13 szymon3006
  8. Aslain, keep up the great work on these mods. The game freezes at the countdown. Stops at 28 seconds and resumes at 18 seconds. Still not smooth afterwards. Then when enemy tanks are spotted, game slows again, and then runs normal Length of slowdown depends on number of enemy tanks spotted. Tried all items in your recommendation. Freezing does not occur in safe mode. Changed graphic setting from Ultra to Medium with no improvement. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Used the latest modpack available, installed same mods and the bar is not overlapping, I think it depends on a computer, and battle loading speed. Try higher values, like 8000 or 9000 even. As for MoE mod, try to contact Oldskool about it, maybe he can advise you something.
  10. I'm sorry it took a while to answer. My wife and child said that i had to eat something first. ;P I changed it to 6000 but nothing changed for me. Of course, I restarted the game for that. ;) Even after your update #05, in which you even changed it to 6500, it looks the same as before. = ( You probably meant this: ... \ res_mods \ configs \ xvm \ Aslain \ elements.xc I forgot something about "Marks of Excellence Extended": since update #04 I have noticed that "Marks of Excellence Extended" is rarely not shown in the battle. I already had the suspicion that it is displayed outside the visible area and tried to reset with ctrl-shift-del but after that I still don't see it. But as I said, this happens really rarely.
  11. Oooo, nigdy nie używałem podglądu bo nie potrzebowałem. A to fajnie.
  12. v1.9.0.3 #05 (24-05-2020): - naprawiono Smart Tweaker - akt. Pokazuj pasek życia swojego czołgu na dole interfejsu bitwy - zamieniono muzyka z anime na 15 różnych wersji - zamieniono rekomendowane statystyki sesji na wersję od Ragnarocka
  13. v1.9.0.3 #05 (24-05-2020): - fixed Smart Tweaker - updated Show own hp bar on the bottom of battle UI - replaced the music from anime with 15 different mods - replaced the recommended session stats to Rangarocek
  14. Try to edit elements.xc, find line with consumables and change delay value from 5000 to 6000, let me know if it helped.
  15. HI =) Primary: XVM "HP bar on the bottom" covers part of UI As I wrote in the chat now as an "official" bug report. ;P If you activate "Show own hp bar on the bottom of battle UI" the bar covers part of the ammunition and the consumables (see screenshot_1.jpg). In the screenshot in the installer, ammunition and consumables have been moved up, that's just not the case for me. In the chat I could read that I am not the only one but not everyone has the problem. I think it's very good that you added this component. So I can choose the damage panel I want and still have an hp bar below in the middle. In addition, you have the standard hp bar on the left if you look to the left as usual. xD So please do not remove this component, rather please try everything possible to fix the bug. =D Secondary: "Marks of Excellence Extended" is displayed incorrectly Most often, "Marks of Excellence Extended" is displayed incorrectly in the battle. Either it looks like a shadow has been placed over it (see screenshot_2.jpg) or it is displayed in the wrong position together with the shadow (see screenshot_3.jpg). I don't know whether the wrong position is sometimes displayed without the shadow. If it is displayed incorrectly and I press the left alt key, it will be displayed correctly for the rest of the battle (see screenshot_4.jpg). Very rarely it is displayed correctly from the beginning of the battle. But that's not that severe. You just have to press a button. I just wanted you to know because sometimes small bugs are the reason for other / larger bugs and you then search for the cause for a long time. Maybe good to know: In addition to the coordinates, I have also changed in line 85 " " shadow ": true, " to " " shadow ": false, " in the configuration file. Otherwise, I was always shown a small black square under the panel on the left. But that seems meanwhile to be fixed, at least I just couldn't reproduce that. But this change from true to false does not cause the problems with the display of the panel that I have described above. Many thanks for everything Faith Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  16. Nie jest wyszczególnione, ale jest za to wzmianka ze muzyka pochodzi z "Sword Art Online, Mirai Nikkin, Naruto, or even the legendary Gundam."
  17. Istnieje numeracja lini moda. Dla przykladu #423:
  18. Kiedy sprawdzam co się zmieniło w nowszej wersji paczki często przy danym opisie moda jest podany numer po hashu: - added XVM addon: Show own hp bar on the bottom of battle UI [#423] czy to jest numer linii w której jest dany mod czy coś innego? (ale przecież brak numeracji linii - więc bezsensu)
  19. Tak pomogło przeinstalowanie z czysczeniem dl . I mam pytanie. Czy masz tytuły do tych piosenek ponieważ niektóre są naprawdę fajne.
  20. W takim razie poszukam nowszej wersji, a jak nie ma to usune ten mod. Przeinstaluj modpacka z opcja czyszcze folderu DL i daj znac czy pomoglo.
  21. Witam mam problem z jak w tytule napisanie muzyka z anime. Po włączeniu gry jest wszystko dobrze ale po rozegraniu 1 bitwy czy to na randomku , twierdzy itd. włączają się 2 lub 3 piosenki w tym samym czasie _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log_Aslains_Installer_Options.inf_Aslains_Installer.logpython.logxvm.log W garażu występuje bardzo często a w bitwie wcale.
  22. Hi guys, Im going to reinstall my game and I would like ssve my aslain configuration, somebody could help me please? Thank you.
  23. Everything that was possible was already done. This is not possible.
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