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  2. We having trouble with consumables, once the first tank /arty what ever, you have no consumables, I went to wot about it, They had me do all these test, said it was not the game. I have 15 clan mates that run Aslain. we all have the same trouble. any help would be grate, thank you
  3. Hi Aslain. Choosing the Hongkong server will since the last 2 updates on the ANZ server. In safe mode it didn't occur. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Yesterday
  5. I unchecked the regional servers and all is working better. Somehow I lost my NA server account but after back dooring it, I got it back with 3 password recoveries.
  6. Nie instaluj Auxilium do FL.
  7. Po zainstalowaniu nowej aktualizacji paczki w czasie bitew w Lini Frontu materiały eksploatacyjne są tylko na pierwszym czołgu który wybiorę - w pozostałych ich brak.
  8. can you please create a mod that changes the tank stats and minimap location so the minimap is on the left? thank you!
  9. I suffering the same problem, even without any mod, WOT still crush randomly since 1.5.1
  10. Hard to judge without logs, but try to play FL without Auxilium.
  11. Gou have to fix the fontline bug where when you respawn we have no repair or first aid kits! It is crazy that it hasn't been addressed yet! PLEASE FIX THAT BUG !!!!!!
  12. Last week
  13. WG is redoing Jingles voice lines it seems, so this might change.. So this will be the original voiceover lines he made.
  14. i have instaled the last modpack and i use only aslains modpack nothing else
  15. Are you using any custom mods/configs (outside modpack)? Install latest modpack as admin (always clear cache after install), if you have issues do not modify any files/configs (also always post new logs if not on latest modpack).
  16. Thank you again, I would have never thought to look there......DUH I thought I had already posted this...
  17. I raised a WOT Support ticket about a week ago. So far they've had me try about 10 things (just the usual stuff, reinstall, latest drivers, etc), none of which have helped. I've still got the problem, which is a real pain.
  18. Witam serdecznie zrobiłem moda żarówkę i dźwięk z STALKERA https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BywAnFtuflWsKFKaTx-Myykp-3r7n1LP/view Może warto dodać do twojej paczki Pozdrawiam Cheeki Breeki Sixth sense + bandit voice.7z
  19. i edited now but not corect pozition i select pozition in top of sdcreen and the eficienci marks was in botton of screen i try edit x and y and not working when i edit x and y the bar vas go invisible
  20. v.8.5.1 #07 (16-07-2019): - usunięto Modules port bez grafiki 3D w porcie - akt. ikonek konturów: Aslain - akt. ikonki klanów [NA]
  21. v.8.5.1 #07 (16-07-2019): - removed Modules port without 3D in port - updated contour icons: Aslain - updated clan icons [NA]
  22. Try autospy minimap mod by jurgen I think he added something to scaling the minimap.
  23. The minimap was way larger in previous updates, it covered up to the middle of the screen. I liked having a big minimap since im using big monitor at high resolution.
  24. yea i saw, was about to say it. Too bad
  25. "totalEfficiency": { "enabled": false, try "enabled": true, or remove "enabled": false, line
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