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    Really depends about mod itself. There is possibility that for some mods you can't change/assign key at all. For some you can change keys in hangar settings, or manually edit their configs, if you are talking about xvm elements there is hotkeys.xc config for manual edit.
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    Ah okay. So all the other camo are there, just the Italian winter camo that has gone missing? That's so bizarre. This post is about Italian tanks too - but a different issue, but figured I'd show you the link anyways; http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/517569-mod-auxilium-autoequip-autocrew-autocamo-autohandbrake-region-changer-and-more/page__st__100__pid__11679377#entry11679377 It's talking about not remembering the camo for the Italian tanks, so he has to set it (I guess mount it?) every time he wants to use the tank. Maybe you could add your Italian tank issue to the thread? (The screenshot I had in mind was in your garage, under exterior, showing the camouflage / lack thereof - up to you of course. If you feel it's a waste of time, don't do it )
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