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    Of course it doesn't return consumables, since you are not switching tank in the garage. It's not "fixable", and removing it just because of Frontlines, when it works fine for everything else, would be rather dumb. XVM doesn't have a consumables option. And why even use it for consumables? I can understand expensive things like equipment and camo, but not cheap consumables, when you can stock up when they're on sale, and sell them in case you end up needing credits without a loss. (10k price on sale, 10k sale value when not on sale.. so no loss) Removing mods that aren't compatible with Frontlines, means that there's no modpack left, lol.. nothing really work in Frontlines.
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    I always wanted to create some sort of header/bar (inspired by smartphone notification bar) with debugpanel, hppool and battle timer inside (maybe hitlog and assistlog headers as well), also with alt toggle/dropdown stuff (why not?). But everytime i start working on it, it never looks/feels right (idk maybe flipping dpanel in the right corner). Now that i started playing wot again, here comes my current work in progress/third attempt on creating this panel: [wip]V10.7z (atm looks similar to V9 but smaller...still experimenting with font/icons... also can't decide should i colorcode or go white only)
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