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    Just over halfway down the list. Under the crosshairs section (which is fairly big). PS: ATAC hasn't been removed.
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    W najnowszym XVM devsi probuja naprawic cos zwiazanego z karuzela, jej auto-skalowaniem i rankingowkami, byc moze zepsuli cos przy okazji. Moze sprobuj na razie nie uzywac malej karuzeli tylko normalna, byc moze na duzej nie bedzie problemow z tym zwiazanych.
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    v1.6.1.3 #03 (01-11-2019): - updated xvm [8.1.7_24] - updated Tank Health Bars by CHAMPi - updated Ping Spam Blocker by CHAMPi - updated XVM's full clan icons pack - added skins: Leopard 1 Undead, Centurion Action X Undead
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