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  1. Ya I clean out all the mods and reinstalled - that did it! lol love the trolls - ya must be user error!!! lol all good.
  2. Heads up: with new patch I lost garage function. No carousal, can't click on tabs - only last selected tank. WargamingGameUpdater.log
  3. Cool - well thx for trying xoxo
  4. Does anyone know what mod or mods is causing Convoy Mode to break - I get kicked 30 sec's or so.
  5. Yes Also FYI https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/699 Update 9.15.2 Bugs & Issues 1) Displayed directional beam on the minimap does not function as expected 2) Changing ammunition order in the service loadout is not functioning 3) Server requirement to destroy Mark I to obtain U.K. Expert medal 4) Damage panel mods disrupts Wwise gun sound files What damage panel mod do you think is causing the issue? Does anyone know what mod or mods is causing Convoy Mode to break - I get kicked 30 sec's or so.
  6. I would like to see these selections separated from standard sights.
  7. Shell not sorting after accept. Not even showing reloaded shells - Have 20 loaded shows 15 in garage.
  8. What are you talking about - no one is trolling you!
  9. Its funny I need to try this - I always add mine manually!
  10. I found that if you use .8 fonts the master icons do not show up - changed to 1.0 they showed up.
  11. reload timer not working either - even with .14
  12. This has been an issue for me as well since the WOT 9.15. I have had to turn off Windows Defender while using Aslain's Mod pack.
  13. I saw that - the OTM improvements he did yesterday are great - I am just lazy!
  14. Ya I see that - just miss that tanker name feature on minimap - helps with calling. Its nice to have the carousel back - I haz lotz of tonks! It looks like Max is close though on dailys.
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