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  1. You set the Panther 8.8 as Reserve. Select the Reserve filter, and take it off Reserve again. Look at the top right corner of the garage - click the little lock icon so it's unlocked.
  2. Hehe yeah - but the changes aren't that massive :P
  3. Read my signature, and add the things missing in your post :)
  4. Because you set it as reserve. Select that filter and remove the reserve mark from it :-)
  5. Orly? There's x/y coordinates for both in the config file though.. I guess it's flawed then :)
  6. \res_mods\0.9.10\scripts\client\mods\ZJ_Mods\xml\ZJ_MRL.xml Everything you want, is in the config file. Use Notepad++. As for what colors you can use, look inside the folder: \res_mods\0.9.10\scripts\client\mods\ZJ_Mods\flash\ And adjust in the config file.
  7. It's because of the time limitation in the mod, it's updated already, and Aslain will include it in an update today I'm sure. It's a silly time limit coded into the mod by the mod author.
  8. Look at the top left icons.. In the first one, you have one icon selected. In the second one, another. Once the game is in progress, hold down control, and then use your mouse to click the icon in Example A. (Can also press Control+Tab a few times, to switch between them) And that should stick it for future games. Also, in the installer, check that you have selected the proper panel as the starter one.
  9. Probably just filler space, so the tank icons fit properly. You could always give it a try, by changing the two numbers in the padding section: \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\carousel.xc (Recommended using Notepad++) Edit: The padding is around the tank icons on the carousel.
  10. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/4-faq/
  11. modxvm.com, in the settings, you can set the flag..
  12. And if you are worried, then well, there is indeed nothing to worry about. The "hwcdn" is Highwinds Technology, a company doing "content delivery network", aka what Wargaming uses to let people download updates. World of Tanks is mentioned on Highwinds website too. :)
  13. The labels then. It's also part of the alt mode. Point is: It's gone until it's fixed for the new XVM. They changed a bunch with their config files for the minimap, especially labels.
  14. "- disabled The alternative minimap mode (when ALT pressed) (requires update due to new XVM)" And Aslain will get around to re-adding them, once he's done with all the rest of the mess the new XVM created :P
  15. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/13-0910-aslains-xvm-mod-modpack-installer-wpicture-sound-preview-v91037-22-10-2015/?p=19879
  16. My guess is XVM itself. The window is the battle results window.
  17. My head hurts just from reading the question. This sounds like a crazy task to undertake for a modder. :O
  18. What the fuck, lol... I did NOT notice that on my phone... :P
  19. Looked at it, but can't locate the problem. Could you explain what the problem is?
  20. Sounds more like a case of "I'm not as mentally insane as you" :P hehehe
  21. You don't really need that feature as an arty anyways :)
  22. And creates new problems... (such as your bank account getting stupidly overdrawn and what not).. so thanks, but no thanks, lol. :P
  23. Sounds like the Angel Extended mod I guess.. it was removed, it's part of spoter's mods that got removed.
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