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  1. LOL - they finally admitted that their system fucked up - about time! Thoroughly investigated my ass, lol. Silly WG.
  2. Not to mention, by the time Farwalker posted, it was already updated in the modpack :P
  3. True, it does help some players, but fact still remains that it's declared legal, as long as it's not 100% accurate reload time :)
  4. The thing about programs that detect cheats, is they can be circumvented. (Which is why Storm has been saying it would be pointless to make one) Just like copy protection on games and what not. I remember a story about a company spending 4 years on a DRM system. They freely gave it to some crackers, to see if it could hold up. Took the crackers a week, or so, and then that DRM system was useless. :P
  5. First of all: The reload OTM timer isn't illegal. (See: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.dk/2015/03/reload-timer-mod-is-legal-on-us-server.html ) It doesn't show the EXACT reload time. Second of all: 4wot side, is the old version, from May. Blackwot site is the same as from the official page... same "Demo/Time limited". Third of all: A skilled player can clearly hear when someone fires, and can move out to shoot back at him. A skilled player has a rough idea of the reload time on most tanks they meet frequently.
  6. Thanks! Aslain will update that today then :-)
  7. Yeah, just copy/paste it. When it asks if you want to overwrite init.pyc and cameranode.pyc, you can click no to those 2, if you're already using Aslains modpack. (Though I don't think overwriting them will hurt any mods? I'm no expert on that though :) )
  8. Alternative that is working is the Walhalla OTM Reload: http://aslain.crazedangels.net/9.8-Walhalla-OTM-reload.zip Remember to go into it's .xml file, and adjust settings to fit your needs. (The only things I changed on that uploaded version, compared to the originally downloaded one, is repack as ZIP, and changed the version from 0.9.8 to in the res_mods folder, so it's easier to get installed out of the box :) )
  9. Yeah, looks like it, hehe. I think the post mentions the requirement of posting/thanks, or paying. :P
  10. If you manage to get the updated version, do share :P
  11. Not the first time Norton false positives things. And Chrome is just dumb, it flags a lot of safe exe files. To "protect" their users, hehe. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/27086d2f0882d4181722b40200f98391f2df935a80ca8c427b5c6cf4000a6de2/analysis/1435638450/ Detection ratio: 0 / 50
  12. 4.4.8? Holy damn that thing is ancient. The newest version is 4.4.31
  13. http://4cheat.ru/showthread.php?t=27929
  14. ZorroJan, the mod author, has extended it, but the forum, that has the download, requires you to have posted and what not, so not everyone can download it. Hopefully someone will get it soon :)
  15. AutoAim Indication+ works just fine, newest installer. I haven't tried Autoaim Extended. Maybe it's there the problem is - or maybe it's when you install both Autoaim Indication+ AND Autoaim Extended at the same time, that it breaks down.
  16. After a very, very long... :P And very, very painful process... :P Quaksen proudly presents: Danish Translation! :D da_translation_v4.4.29_retail.zip
  17. If it's a "botting ban", I _guess_ it could be related to an entire team reporting you in a game or two - but, it's just a wild guess.
  18. If you completed HT-15 without honors first, then you have probably already claimed the crew member?
  19. The extra aim info is useful on other tanks as well though. Shows how long till you're fully aimed in.. Gives you an idea of how far you need to aim ahead, since it'll show the flight time to target.
  20. It just looks like it's part of WG's update to that section.. It's telling you, that you've researched and can purchase an upgraded engine? Check the S-51's research page.
  21. The logs, they be missing! :P See: http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/9-how-to-report-a-bug-or-issue/
  22. Even so - the minimap isn't showing any circles.. and locastans minimap is supposed to have that as well.. But yeah, that one is why the normal XVM map is deselected
  23. Alternatively, you could find an SPG crosshair that has the travel time. :) (Not sure which ones in the modpack has it.. or if they all do..)
  24. You missed this part though: - attach file _Aslain_logs.zip and python.log (both located directly in WoT folder)
  25. Aww :) Okay :D Good to know it's not just me being crazy though :P
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