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  1. Well i interpreted the quoted message here, as there where 2 Problems: First: It doesn't seem to be working, need further explanation. Second: He asked if Aslain forgot the the Checkbox? So my answer was what's the problem with the mod not working and for the second question the exact point where to find the GTO mod which assumes that its not forgotten. So if you need help with a mod not working you should at least provide some logs so a moderator or administrator can look into them for any error you might not have seen. Could even be something like a compatibility problem between mods. So without any logs noone can realy help. Sorry if i sounded a bit checky, it wasn't my intention!
  2. Hi, what exactly is your problem? The newest Version of the Installer got the Addon GTO's Hitmarker, its under [Non-XVM hitlogs] Again like @Quaksen mentioned: A lot have changed from Verison 9.x to 1.x and some mods are different.
  3. Please provide Log-Files after this kind of Crash so @Aslain can dig into it.
  4. Sorry for hijacking it but hey you got your bug fixed
  5. Some good ideas you got. My Aslain be with you
  6. Its valid too /Edit @corecroft27 mind if i steal your signature?
  7. @Aslain The Correct Translation could be: "Zeige Fahrzeug im Scharfschützenmodus"
  8. What error to you get? Can you provide a screenshot of it?
  9. I hope you mean 64GB of Ram What else have you running? Did you try turnin every other program off?
  10. You might want to get the current version of the installer
  11. What Anti-Virus do you have? Some Produkt my act like a proxy and try to inject SSL Connections?
  12. Hi, i would love to see HP-Lifebars on the Player-Panels like shown in this Pic /Edit To be more concrete on this Topic: - HP Bars where you can read the usernames clear (Color overlaps sometimes with the HP life-bar) - Percentage value You can see this modification for example in den GDZ Modpack. Cheers
  13. Hi @Bandes, das kannst du machen indem du im Installer unter "Nicht-XVM Hitlogs" -> "Team HP Pool" -> "Zeige Schadenszähler" auswählst --- You can achieve this by checking the option "Show damage meters" under "Non-XVM hitlogs" -> "Team HP Pool"
  14. Dont have that problem here, works all fine on my side.
  15. Maybee you could make a dependency in the installer, i made the same mistake
  16. Just for the Translation so you would get any help. @Bandes is asking what he need to install to get the top-bar on the first screenshot.
  17. I've had the same problem this morning. Disabling Autoaim helped, like Aslain said.
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