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  1. Can you zip the sfx folders and attach it? I'll give it a shot.
  2. No idea but it would be cool to have the cloaking sound of a BoP.
  3. First, I give credit to: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/664569-tutorial-making-a-voice-pack-the-easy-and-logical-way/ This is how I learned to create sound mods (voiceovers) Now on to the stuff I need. Below is my cheat sheet. There are 50ish sound events for WOT (This is the hard part). I need a sound clip (almost any format) for each event. Feel free to reuse clips or add as many clips to each event as you want. If you only want one clip to play for the event every time, then only indicate one clip. If you the sound clip, attach it and put the file's name next to the event. If you have the link, put it next to the event. Please note that the sound files will be the same for male and female crews. Most of the Borg sound clips I've heard had loud music in the background (movie clips), so if you happened to have a sound pack from a Star Trek video game, i might could use it instead. vo_ally_killed_by_player vo_ammo_bay_damaged vo_armor_not_pierced_by_player vo_armor_ricochet_by_player vo_commander_killed vo_crew_deactivated vo_damage_by_near_explosion_by_enemy vo_damage_by_near_explosion_by_player vo_driver_killed vo_enemy_fire_started_by_player vo_enemy_hp_damaged_by_explosion_at_direct_hit_by_player vo_enemy_hp_damaged_by_projectile_and_chassis_damaged_by_player vo_enemy_hp_damaged_by_projectile_and_gun_damaged_by_player vo_enemy_hp_damaged_by_projectile_by_player vo_enemy_killed vo_enemy_killed_by_player vo_enemy_no_hp_damage_at_attempt_and_chassis_damaged_by_player vo_enemy_no_hp_damage_at_attempt_and_gun_damaged_by_player vo_enemy_no_hp_damage_at_no_attempt_and_chassis_damaged_by_player vo_enemy_no_hp_damage_at_no_attempt_and_gun_damaged_by_player vo_enemy_no_hp_damage_at_no_attempt_by_player vo_engine_damaged vo_engine_destroyed vo_engine_functional vo_fire_started vo_fire_stopped vo_fuel_tank_damaged vo_gunner_killed vo_gun_damaged vo_gun_destroyed vo_gun_functional vo_loader_killed vo_radioman_killed vo_radio_damaged vo_start_battle vo_surveying_devices_crit_damaged vo_surveying_devices_damaged vo_surveying_devices_destroyed vo_surveying_devices_functional vo_target_captured vo_target_lost vo_target_unlocked vo_track_damaged vo_track_destroyed vo_track_functional vo_track_functional_can_move vo_turret_rotator_damaged vo_turret_rotator_destroyed vo_turret_rotator_functional vo_vehicle_destroyed
  4. Thank you for adding this in! Much appreciated!
  5. Well, I did my best. I couldn't match up what was previously selected in the original pack. So, i just tried to place them where I thought it matched. If it works for you, we can ask Aslain to add it in. voiceover.bnk sample.mp3
  6. Never mind. I found the original mod. It will take a while, but I should be able to get it fixed
  7. I was going to make the voice over. I downloaded a file from https://www.darkestdungeon.com/ancestral-bestowment/ but there are only 30 sound files. Does anyone know where I might find the sound file or were there only 30?
  8. The fix in 10b works but the JSON script has the alert and help set to false. Below is the fix: "activeInClanbattles": true, "activeInRandom": true, "enabled": true, "limitAliveVehicles": 15, "preferSquadChannel": true, "spotAlert": true, "spotAlertHelpCMD": true, "spotAlertMessage": "Im Spotted at {cell}!", "unspotAlert": true, "unspotAlertMessage": "{time} seconds passed since you got spotted!", "unspotAlertTimer": 10 Edit in note pad or other editor. File located at: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods\configs\promod\spotted.json
  9. Aslain, forgive me. I can't believe I forgot this. Attached is the sixth sense mp3 to go with the voiceover I made. It's Leonard from Redneck Rampage yelling "Run for your lives!" I feel like an idiot for forgetting this. If you get a chance, please add it in. I'm so sorry about forgetting this. sixthSense.mp3
  10. Just want to say thank you for adding this to your build! THANK YOU!
  11. Attached are just the mp3s. Thank you for your consideration. ScoutBROKE.mp3 NA_HIT2.mp3 NA_HIT1.mp3 LN_BNCH.mp3 LN_BLOW.mp3 LEatLead.mp3 HeavyRUN.mp3 HeavyHIDE.mp3 HeavyGUN.mp3
  12. Sorry, I didn't know how to combine them into one file. Attached is a zip file with a few samples. RNTFSamples.zip
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