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  1. I never could get Melty to work with quantityinclip.swf. Tried several of the scripts used in sights to load variables but never got a good combination figured out.
  2. I have found that my config has a problem with the 6th sense sound not ending. It gets a bit annoying. Could that possibly be your issue?
  3. Server for update checking was down and it screwed up the mod initialization process.
  4. Roughneck's has one as part of a pack on his sight. You can install single mods using the installer. Here is the link: http://roughnecksxvmmods.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/1892-rn_gui-mod-and-rn_mods-installer-download-v9131/
  5. I realize you may of checked this already but did you verify noscroll is not installed? Try hitting the shift key to jump into sniper mode. If that works, you need to kill noscroll mod.
  6. OTM reload was doing it for me. Cursor was locked and immobile while testing using a replay.
  7. Sure Grandorf... tell it with pictures.... :P
  8. They are WG provided. Go to General tab in Settings and turn off Show tank tier. Should be top of the right column.
  9. I think it is in res_mods\configs\DamageLog\message.cfg. Reduce the font size from 40 and 30 on line 39.. "format" : { "text" : "<p align='center'><font size='40' color='{costShellC}'><b>{damageHit} {splashHit}{criticalHit} {typeShell}</b></font><br><font size='30' color='{teamAttackerC}'>{reasonHit}</font></p>" // текст всплывающего сообщения.
  10. Reload circle broken for everyone.
  11. Got hung in updating crew after adding HD Minimap. I removed it and was able to log in.
  12. XVM only got one of the two movies... The above files work for me... old school as it is. :-)
  13. I've used this for the last 10 releases it feels like. Drop this into Aslains_Custom_mods and both movies no longer play. No_intros.zip
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