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  1. One of the ekspoint mods that I personally miss the most now is the mod which extended the time the directional damage indicator was visible to 14 seconds. I have searched for an alternative to ekspoint's but haven't found one. If anyone knows of one or can create such a mod, that would be great.
  2. v1.0.1.1 #6 has introduced a very strange problem with the mini map as well as the contour icons. I went back to version 5b with the exact same setup and everything is ok. The problem i s just in version 6. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Hasnt crashed for me in about 10 battles now. Didn't change or remove anything in my mod selections. same setup.
  4. Could be....if I drink more than about 1 beer, I become unstable and crash to the desktop myself.
  5. Same for me. Happened after the second battle. I will install the latest modpack just released and see if it continues before adding my logs.
  6. I am arty only, and I have not experienced this issue with Battle Assistant. The next time it happens in a battle, exit the game after the battle is finished and then upload your logs here for someone to have a look for any telling errors in them. Maybe there will be some clues in there to help solve the problem.
  7. I am not familiar with QB's installer, but you must be selecting the same settings in QB's installer. I can't think of anything else in this modpack that would give spotted markers. The markers you have look like the ones used with XVM. Are you installing XVM with QB's installer?
  8. In the installer, under XVM Panels & Windows (in battle) uncheck the "show enemy spotted markers"
  9. What you have outlined with orange is the called the Battle Loading Screen.
  10. Even though I don't splash around in the water in WoWS, I just downloaded the modpack using the first link and my Avira Anti Virus Pro didn't find anything suspicious. Must be a false positive, but as Quaksen stated above, use the direct link if you have any issues with the main link. But, be kind and remember Aslain gets a tiny amount of compensation from the main links. This revenue is necessary to feed the modpack generator hamster...
  11. Fixed just in time. I had just walked in to the room ready with the broom....
  12. As you said, it has problems. For me, there is no way to scroll and the chats are now on top of the download section. If people keep chatting, the chats will keep going down until they end up on my floor....then my wife is going to be angry...
  13. Sometimes right clicking the installer exe file and selecting run as administrator will solve the problem. Even when you are logged in as admin and left click normally Windows can decide not to run something and not give a reason. Right clicking and running bypasses this Windows decision making ability
  14. Let's be honest here....you know what the deal is...you are just afraid to face the truth....
  15. Interesting....and strange. I haven't had any problems with XVM, so I had a look at what I have selected in the same section as you show above. Red indicates where mine differ from yours. I really dont want to load your settings and make my pc lock up this morning....lol. [ Panels & Windows (in-battle) ]-------------------------- Panels by Aslain Battle Loading Battle Loading: from XVM Team Statistics tab (under Tab key) Statistics Tab: Advanced Remove rank badge icon Players Panel Medium panels (default) Medium: short player's names Large panel Large: Simple panel #2 (overal stats only) Start mode Start mode: large (WoT default) Background transparency transparency: 60 (weak) [WoT default] Display enemy spotted markers marker: Bulb #3 Hide icons for not spotted vehicles Display more visible frags on Players Panel Display XMQP markers [PP]
  16. thanks. I somehow missed it. I am blind....
  17. I have looked and looked and looked in both the modpack installer settings as well as the client settings and I haven't found where I can select to Auto Open Boxes. And yes, I have had my coffees....but maybe I am blind and can't read...not sure.
  18. Thanks Quaksen! It is too early and I haven't had my first coffee....I should recognize my own limits....haha . I corrected the post to reflect the facts and not alternative facts.
  19. While I was s....l....o.....w.....l.....y creating my masterpiece reply, without reading the OP carefully mind you, Quaksen masterfully zipped in with the correct information. So...I have edited this post to reveal the truth.
  20. Thanks. I saw the code on Reddit. Someone said it would work on EU and NA but didnt mention Asia at the time I read about it. RU probably got a code for at least 10 boxes....
  21. The updated AA+ in the current modpack has solved this problem.
  22. HULSE14 is a code that will give you a free Christmas Box in World of Tanks. It definitely works on EU servers, not sure of other regions.
  23. The problem is caused by AA+, but not by the settings as can be configured in the modpack. So it isn't a modpack issue. It is a private issue. In the mod_autoaim_indicator.json file if this configuration is set AA+ will not work and there will not be a red highlight on enemy tanks when you aim at them, in arcade view, arty view, or with Battle Assistant: addon-auto_announce_reload": { "enabled": true, "clip_reload": true, "reload_longer_than": 10, "only_with_C": true, "clip_reload_with_double_C": false, If everything is set to true, then it works. I haven't worked out all possible combinations yet to see what works and doesn't, but if you make the selections in the installer only AA+ works perfect. The configuration I used before this WG update allowed the reload to be announced automatically on reload without having to press any keys.
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